15 11 / 2012

Science Inc. has announced the launch of their latest operation, Urban Remedy, a wellness-focused startup that delivers juices, meal replacements, and healthy snacks. The company launches with $1 million in seed funding from Science and a group of angels with experience in the beverage industry.

Committed to health and healing, Founder Neka Pasquale directed her energies into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture, which reinforced her understanding that food is medicine. 

(Source: tech.co)

11 11 / 2012

Hawaii-based experienced food scientist Elyse Petersen founded Tealet to provide farmers an opportunity to present their stories and tea to the US market. The US market sees a 20% reduction in price for the consumer. Follow her on Twitter at @peaceelyse.

Tealet is a curated subscription service for tea. Each shipment includes 60 grams of loose leaf tea.

(Source: forbes.com)