07 12 / 2013

BakeSpace.com’s TECHmunch Food Blogger Conference returns to Southern California in January 2014, and this time we’re adding some Disney Magic! You can attend just the conference, or turn TECHmunch into a fun-filled getaway! TECHmunch combines networking, panels, tastings and demos to inspire even the most seasoned culinary/ lifestyle blogger. The goal is to provide you with the ingredients you need to succeed and pursue your passion. Who should attend? Food, wine and lifestyle bloggers of every level and brand representatives, PR pos and other marketing communications specialists who want to connect and form partnerships with food bloggers.

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23 9 / 2013

The Los Angeles chef and food truck pioneer then goes on to click through slide after of slide of photos of liquor stores, illustrating how food deserts — places where fresh, healthy food is unaffordable or inaccessible — are impacting Los Angeles. “There are people who can’t even eat a horse carrot,” he says, adding that the food world (celebrity chefs down to the mom-and-pop corner bistro) are generally serving food to the same people. Younger, smarter, more Instagram-savvy customers who are “constantly talking about food” but unaware of the crisis afflicting our major cities. (via Video: Roy Choi, Straight Talk And The Hunger Crisis In Los Angeles | Food Republic)

12 12 / 2012

via Brooklyn Based

Farmigo, a new online farmer’s market, is launching today in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, and they’re looking for a few good food communities.

Here’s how it works: an office, school, neighborhood group or even an apartment building works together to form a food community. You just need a minimum of about 30 members, or 30 orders per delivery and a set pick-up and delivery location. One member (or a few) takes responsibility for coordinating with the Farmigo team to determine which producers you’ll work with, and handles the pick-up and delivery of the produce. Farmigo creates a custom shopping experience for your community 

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Tempura at Hannosuke by midtownlunchla at http://instagr.am/p/MB0kCky1Gr/

Tempura at Hannosuke by midtownlunchla at http://instagr.am/p/MB0kCky1Gr/