20 8 / 2013

Got my first @goodiescompany box!

Yesterday, I received my first Goodies box, and I was elated. It reminded me of back when I got my first Foodzie box  nearly three years ago. Foodzie was pioneer in the monthly subscription startups. Since then, many have taken off including Birch Box and Craft Coffee. Foodzie was SXSW one year giving out artisan lollipops while people waited in line to get into a party. I was a fan! Last year Foodzie was acquired and is now Joyous. Joyous didn’t have same feel as Foodzie, and so I unsubscribed.  Goodies was conceived Wal-Mart Labs, which is a tech innovation division of Wal-Mart. Corporate brands working with artisan producers has been met with doubt, but I really like Goodies.

 At $7/month, it is a good deal.  Plus, you can review the items in Goodies box and earn points toward purchases. Goodies may have a taken a page from Foodzie, but so far it has iterated into a more social and interactive delivery experience.

15 11 / 2012

Walmart’s experimentation with subscription-based commerce continues today, with the public launch of Goodies.co, a food subscription service featuring boxes of sample-sized treats shipped monthly. The service is the latest to emerge from @WalmartLabs, the retailer’s Silicon Valley-based innovation lab focused on quickly building, launching, and testing new business models that may or may not make their way to Walmart.com or Walmart stores at a later date.

(Source: TechCrunch)