23 9 / 2013

The Los Angeles chef and food truck pioneer then goes on to click through slide after of slide of photos of liquor stores, illustrating how food deserts — places where fresh, healthy food is unaffordable or inaccessible — are impacting Los Angeles. “There are people who can’t even eat a horse carrot,” he says, adding that the food world (celebrity chefs down to the mom-and-pop corner bistro) are generally serving food to the same people. Younger, smarter, more Instagram-savvy customers who are “constantly talking about food” but unaware of the crisis afflicting our major cities. (via Video: Roy Choi, Straight Talk And The Hunger Crisis In Los Angeles | Food Republic)

10 11 / 2012

In order to feed the people, you have to get them invested. That’s the motto of an organization that’s banking on its community to fund a startup grocery store in the grocery-starved neighborhood of West Oakland. Less than a month in, the project has already created quite a buzz around the Bay Area and raised more than $200,000 of its $1.2 million funding goal from a pool of small, local investors. And the momentum is growing. “It really seems to be taking off,” said Brahm Ahmadi, CEO of People’s Community Market, a for-profit entity that is an outgrowth of nonprofit group People’s Grocery, which he co-founded more than a decade ago.

(Source: bizjournals.com)