01 9 / 2013

"No, the purpose of Naithan Jones’ app is to, as he says, “completely change the food system.” Yeah, he thinks big. “I want to provide a third option,” Jones told us. Specifically, he wants to create a direct link between sustainable, organic-meat farmers and retailers, restaurants, and, yes eventually, you. The result would be more fresh, high-quality options for consumers at competitive prices and lower overheads and a simplified process for producers. That you could do it all from the palm of your hand is just gravy, particularly for farmers who spend most of their time on the move. To hear Jones tell it, AgLocal is one of those big, simple, hard-to-execute ideas that really, truly could change everything. “I believe that in the future we’ll be the most valuable Internet company there is related to food, because we’ll provide some democracy around what reaches our tables.”"

22 8 / 2013

Buy Me A Pie!, the cloud-powered grocery list maker for iOS, has finally made good on its promise and brought the app to Google’s Android mobile OS. Similar to the iPhone version, the Android offering comes in two flavours: a free Buy Me A Pie! app that shuns the cloud synchronisation which lets shopping lists be shared across devices (and family members), and a paid-for version that, along with cloud support, offers additional features such as multiple shopping lists, and list sharing via SMS, email and with other apps

(Source: TechCrunch)

30 7 / 2013

The Manischewitz® Company, leader and innovator in Kosher foods,announces the beta version debut of their free Kosher Recipe App  now available for download on all Apple® and Android™ devices.  The Manischewitz Recipe & Holiday Guide app makes its debut just in time for the fall Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  Notable chefs, cookbook authors, and everyday home cooks submitted hundreds of recipes for the app which spans  many occasions including Passover, Chanukah, Thanksgiving, Shabbat, Shavuot  and more.  Other categories of recipes include gluten-free, everyday meals, lunches, side dishes, and desserts.

 The contributor’s shared many recipes, some of which have been in their family for generations.  In addition to the recipes supplied by home cooks and well-known chefs, all recipes from finalists and winners from all past Man-O-Manischewitz Cook-Off Contests have been included as well.  Jamie Geller, cookbook author and founder of The Joy of Kosher magazine and website, contributed numerous recipes across all categories. 

 Link to iTunes and Google Play.

Key App Features Include:

  • All Kosher recipes that use Manischewitz® ingredients
  • Recipes for Holiday and everyday including Chanukah, Thanksgiving, Passover, Shabbat, Shavuot,  4th of July, Purim, and more
  • Holiday fun facts
  • Shabbat times for each week
  • Recipe sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest

13 11 / 2012

Pepperplate Logo

 I met Gretta, one of the founders of Pepperplate,  nearly two years ago through a food blogger friend. She told me about Pepperplate and demonstrated how it works on an iPad. I was amazed at what it can do. Pepperplate takes a different approach. Instead of being pre-populated with recipes, it let you bookmark and save recipes into your Pepperplate account. From there, you create weekly meal plans,  grocery lists also share recipes with friends.

For Thanksgiving, Pepperplate is a hero. As a food blogger, I have been obsessively bookmarking recipes that I want to use for Thanksgiving. Pepperplate has a Chrome browser bookmarklet, so you can easily import recipes when you spot them.  Pepperplate manages your recipes which can be combine into Thanksgiving menus, then share with friends and family before and after the big day. Pepperplate syncs on your devices so it automatically arranges the list to the way you do grocery shopping. Pepperplate also has with multiple cooking timers on its iPad version so you can keep track each dish. 

One of the best things about Pepperplate is that is not only FREE, it is platform agnostic. It is available one the web, iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, NOOK and Windows 8.

11 11 / 2012

Deborah Chud is a former cookbook author who is the founder of Mobile Skillet. It is iOS app.  

[She] founded Mobile Skillet to produce affordable, high-quality, cutting-edge recipe apps for restaurateurs, chefs, food bloggers, food & beverage companies, and cookbook authors looking to reach mobile-savvy cooking enthusiasts.

(Source: women2.com)

09 11 / 2012

Computer Chip Trivet: Deployed and Ready For Action!

Niche Food started as a place for me to post photos and blog about food that wasn’t cupcakes. Now with Instagram and Pinterest, I haven’t been post here that often. Today I have decided to “trivet” the content on this blog. Instead of using the word “pivot” which is used to describe when a startup changes their business model, I am using the “trivet” since is a food-related.  (I hope it catches on.) Anyway, I have been interested in food startups, food apps, and artisan food businesses, so Niche Food will be featuring news about the emerging food businesses.