27 12 / 2013

From alternative protein treats and 3D printed eats to breakfast-making robots and nutrient scanners, these futuristic food tech and food science innovations hope to make our food more accessible, sustainable and transparent.

(Source: foodtechconnect.com)

28 5 / 2013

via Food and Tech Connect

MY TAKE: Does this site include information on how the workers in poultry plants are treated. What are their working conditions? What are their wages and benefits?

What’s the difference between grade a, organic, natural and free-range eggs? Amongst a sea of misleading food labels, Buying Poultry hopes to take the guess-work out of choosing the most humane and sustainable poultry products and plant-based alternatives. The company, an initiative of farm advocacy group Farm Forward, is working to create a Real Time Farms- esque online buying guide featuring animal, farm worker and environmental ratings for every poultry producer in the country. Free to use via smartphone, tablet and computer, the guide will help combat the secrecy of factory farm poultry production by providing consumers with easily-accessible, real-time information.

05 2 / 2013