11 11 / 2012


I know after the presidential election, you may not want to hear about another damn poll. However, if you are into food, then you may to read about this. People who called themselves vegetarians only make up 5% of the US population according to a Gallup poll. The vegan number is even smaller with 2%. ¬†What’s even more interesting is how marital status may affect your eating habits.

Unmarried adults are more than twice as likely as married adults to be vegetarians. Vegetarianism appears to be slightly more prevalent among women than among men, and among those who are older than among younger adults, but these are not big differences.

If there are so few people claiming to be vegetarians and vegans, why is there so much attention in food media and marketing targeted to a small group? It’s a long tail market, but it has a big advocacy.

(Source: gallup.com)