10 11 / 2012

A Typical Day For A Cupcake Blogger

(Photo of my food blog, Cupcakes Take The Cake)

Dianne Jacobs’ Will Write For Food is a must read for anyone who has an interest food writing and the food industry.  I love her posts. Recently, she did an analysis of reach and influence between food blogs and food magazines.

1. Simply Recipes has a stunning reach. She has larger readership than 10 of the top 11 national magazines.

2. A food blog, operated by one person, can reach more people than a corporate food magazine with a big staff.

3. Gourmet magazines are failing. People want easy, homey recipes. The top magazine in the US features reader-submitted recipes, tested in a professional kitchen. They’re like the recipes you might find on…a food blog.

4. Americans want to lose weight by cooking at home, thus the success of top magazines Cooking Light and Weight Watchers, and the blog Skinnytaste.

5. Top television food shows influence what Americans read. Every Day with Rachael Ray, Food Network, and Everyday Food have a combined circulation of 4.26 million.

6. The Kraft company can beat out several well-regarded food magazines by making its own about its own products, and charging $14 a year for a subscription. Amazing.

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